Vision loss due to eating disorders

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The patient said 15 years of age began to have unexplained hearing loss, after which the vision became worse and worse. Blind spots in the eyes have hindered vision, making it difficult to read, drive, face recognition, while his peripheral vision is normal.

Date 3/9, the hospital test results showed that patients with optic neuritis, the cause of eating disorders leading to malnutrition. Patients with vitamin B12 deficiency, copper, selenium and vitamin D levels are low, zinc levels are higher than normal.

The patient said that since elementary school he could not eat like everyone else. . Everyday he only eats a potato chips, potato chips, sometimes a few slices of white bread, ham, absolutely no fruit or vegetables.

The doctor helps patients develop a nutritionally supplemented diet, and provides psychological counseling to cure the eating disorder syndrome.

Doctors think that this patient's eating disorder is relatively new, originating from childhood lack of interest in food, fear of eating. Unlike anorexia, eating disorders do not affect weight or appearance and may improve with early treatment.

Shu Liang (According to USA Today )

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