Three years of 270 kg reduction

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"It was a tough fight," Milla said in August, after successfully losing weight.

Grandma always craving. Eating was the first thing she thought of when she woke up in the morning and the last thing she thought of before bed. She also never worked.

Milla weighed 180 kg when she graduated from college and got married. Having a firstborn son, Milla's weight reached 227 kg. Too fat, she could not get pregnant again. The couple adopted four adopted children.

Milla had lymphatic edema on her legs, completely motionless, and her excessive weight put her in a state of crisis. She continued to eat to regulate the mood, the weight increased to a peak of 341 kg. Milla could not move, just lying in bed. The five children help their mother with everything everyday, from preparing bedding to cooking.

"I have been stuck between four walls for over two years," she recalled.

Milla lying flat in bed with 4 walls because too fat Photo: Peoples

Milla lies in bed when she is too fat. Photo: Peoples.

Not long after, her husband had heart disease. Milla knew she had to overcome obesity to look after her husband and children. "Misery is the motive for me determined to lose weight," she shared.

Milla was guided by Dr. Nowzaradan how to lose weight. She moved to Houston, Texas, where Dr. Nowzaradan works. Milla first had surgery to remove the lymphedema in her leg. But for surgery, she needs to lose about 45 kg. She dieted under the supervision of a doctor, a month about 27 kg.

"For the first time in my life, I feel hopeful," Milla shared.

Milla continued to face the test. The second big challenge is putting all your weight on your feet to get up after years of inactivity. She had to exercise and diet more. The act of squeezing a large amount of body down made the legs atrophy.

What motivates Milla to go beyond her limits is her daily outings as directed by her doctor. Dr. Nowzaradan wants her to see things she has never seen in years, like the sun and her children playing.

After all the incredible efforts, Milla has get up, undergo surgery to remove excess skin. Her weight continued to drop to less than 91 kg, although this left many scars on her body. She continued to have surgery on both her knee replacement and was finally able to stand without a cane or support.

Three years later, Milla now weighs 70 kg, becoming the most successful person losing weight ever in TLC program of Dr. Nowzaradan.

Ngoc Quynh (According to Epoch Times )

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