The device "fins" cancer cells

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Leidong Mao, the research leader, said that cancer cells circulating in the blood (CTC - Circulating Tumor Cells) cause metastatic cancer. If CTC is detected early, it can prolong the life and increase the effectiveness of treatment for patients.

"In a 10 ml sample of blood, only a few "CTC is hiding among millions of white blood cells. We often compare finding CTC with needle in haystacks," Mao said.

The device is about the same size as a USB drive with a filter and a micro-chip with magnetic particles. In the first stage, the filter removes Blood debris exceeds 0.05 mm. People then add magnetic nanoparticles to the blood sample. Leukocytes tend to attach to these particles. As blood travels through the chip, the magnetic poles attract the white blood cells into one channel, while the remaining CTCs continue to move into another channel.


Researchers prepare equipment for cancer cell filtration experiments in blood samples. Photo: News Beezer

The team says the device helps find and categorize CTC quickly 99% more accurate than existing technologies. The device can hold almost all CTCs, regardless of configuration and size.

After classifying the cervix, the doctor will have more information about the likelihood of recurrence and the progression of the disease to come up with the appropriate treatment regimen. Experts are focusing on innovation to make it more convenient to use in the clinic.

Cam Anh (According to N Beezer eems )

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