The baby inserted a battery into the ear, puncturing the eardrum

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Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Head of the General Pediatrics Department, Otolaryngology Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, said that the ears are small and difficult to observe. On August 30, endoscopy, there were black and white necrotic tissue in the ear, the image of the battery was unknown, until the CT scan discovered an 8 mm metal object in the ear canal.

Under the microscope, the doctor determines the object is a round battery, but it is difficult to take out. Doctors plan to perform surgery on the baby's ears, grind bone and remove the battery. Luckily after a while, the battery was successfully assembled, the baby's ears were dry, fluid drained but the eardrum leaked, so it needed long-term treatment.

"Hearing test the baby's hearing is poor, the sound transmission is moderate because the eardrum is completely punctured, the part of the hammer bone in the ear is partially necrotic, "said Dr. Thuy.

Associate Professor Tran Phan Chung Thuy, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Nose and Throat Hospital, said electronic batteries and buttons are often found in children's toys. This battery is dangerous due to its small size, easy to take apart, easy to confuse with candy should be eaten or stuffed in the nose, ears, mouth. The battery stuck in the body will create an electric current when contacting the mucosa causing severe burns.

The battery has chemicals so corrosive, when removed from the body can continue to cause serious injuries and burns called cold burns, more dangerous than burns hot many times. Children who put batteries in the ear for less than 24 hours to remove them in time may have minor injuries, over 24 hours will be extremely dangerous. Children may have a hole in the eardrum, perforation of the baby bones, hearing loss, ear surgery to patch the eardrum or adjust the baby bone to improve hearing. A child inserted into the nose will have a hole in the nasal septum, destroy the nasal passages, damage the internal structure of the nose. Children swallowing batteries into the esophagus will puncture the esophagus ...

The doctor recommends not giving children small size toys, removable, not to choose used toys electronic battery. Teach children not to insert objects into the ears or nose.

Le Phuong

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