Teeth brush exfoliates in the duodenum

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On September 5, Doctor of Gastroenterology Department, Thai Nguyen Central Hospital examined the 18 cm long toothbrush located in the duodenum. He is being treated at the Thai Nguyen Mental Hospital.

Two weeks ago the patient had abdominal distention, ate indigestion, was taken to the facility by a mental hospital official Downline health care, diagnosis of intestinal obstruction, non-relieved treatment should be transferred to Thai Nguyen Central Hospital. When the toothbrush was discovered by the doctor, food and bile fluid clotted in the patient's intestine.

A toothbrush is removed from the patient duodenum. Photo: Hospital provided.

Brush removed from duodenum multiply. Photo: Hospital provided.

Doctor Luc Le Long, Department of Gastroenterology, gave know this is the second patient to swallow the toothbrush received by the hospital. At the end of April, a 23-year-old girl swallowed her toothbrush when she helped herself to her fishbone.

Le Nga

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