Spring finger is what disease?

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According to Dr. Nguyen An Phap, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, spring fingers are also called pop fingers or trigger fingers. The disease is most common in women between the ages of 35 and 60. The cause is that the sticking between the folding finger and the pulley keeps the tendon, causing the folded tendon to stick to the pulley, preventing the finger from stretching.

The disease is common in professionals who have to use their fingers regularly such as teachers, office workers, tailors, typists ... People with endocrine disorders Like diabetes, gout is also common.

Symptoms of spring fingers usually begin without any injury or after a period of working hands heavy. Symptoms include soft lumps in the palm of the hand, swelling, pain when folding or straightening fingers. In some severe cases, fingers may not be able to straighten, possibly with one or more fingers.

Patients can't stretch their fingers after fold. Photo: Cam Anh

The patient has symptoms can not be extended by fingers after folding. Photo: Cam Anh

The French doctor said that if he found and Early treatment can avoid complications, short treatment time, cost savings, less impact on life and work.

Treatments :

Non-surgical treatment

People with mild conditions can take anti-inflammatory analgesics and apply physiotherapy methods such as ultrasound, wax dip, movement exercises, finger splints ... When taking medicine and physiotherapy does not respond well, patients will be injected.

Surgical treatment

If the disease is severe, persistent and unresponsive With these measures, the doctor will recommend minor surgery.

Traditional medicine

While Waiting for surgery, acupuncture or implantation will only help the patient relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Patients can combine physical therapy for faster treatment.

Traditional medicine combined with non-pharmacological treatments help patients limit the use of anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, solve many symptoms.

French doctors advise patients to be carefully examined at health facilities to know Exact cause. From there, the doctor will recommend the appropriate course of treatment.

Cam Anh