She was paralyzed and walked away after 2 operations

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Eight months ago she was still completely paralyzed by a tumor invading the spinal cord. Doctors at K Hospital, Hanoi, conducted two difficult surgeries to remove the tumor, save the baby's legs and help him walk. "The baby's foot hurts, I can't go, my friends go to school and I am sad at home," the baby then felt sorry for the doctors.

At the end of August, Uyen and her mother returned to K Hospital to re-examine to prepare for going to school. This time, the baby was different from the day he was hospitalized. Doctors took scans, assessed the bone graft location, the results were stable. Baby walk normally, there is no recurrence. Uyen was operated on, she went home to welcome the new school year.

"Now that I have gone to school, the doctor told me not to run and wait for much better", the mother told me, before leaving the hospital.

In September 2018, Uyen was admitted to the hospital in a condition of two weak legs and a lot of pain. She just could not walk. She was diagnosed with a tumor that invaded the front of the spinal cord, spread 3 vertebrae and developed in the abdomen. He had surgery once at a hospital in Hanoi but only had a biopsy. U presses on many organs and other organs so it is difficult to remove surgery.

Family members get frustrated when many doctors shake the first time the number of surgeries is very complicated . Seeing his friends running around and playing around, and their children sitting in one place, their parents were very sad and decided to take her to K Hospital for examination with the thought "there is still water to slap".

An invasive tumor in the spinal cord causes Uyen to have two legs paralyzed. Photo: Thai Ha.

An invasive tumor in the spinal cord causes Uyen paraplegic. Photo: Thai Ha.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Lien, Head of Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital K, said Uyên was admitted to the hospital with a tumor growing from the position of the thoracic spine to the lumbar, with tumors both in and out of the spinal canal and developed in the abdomen. "Patients who cannot walk will be disadvantaged and lose. Deciding on surgery for the baby, the question for doctors is how to operate to bring the best effect," said Dr. Lien.

On 12/9/2018, the doctors who performed the surgery were estimated to be difficult. If a child is 5 years old, if surgery is taken at the same time as both the tumor in the spinal canal and the tumor in the abdomen, the operation is very long, the risk of anemia, complications as well as other risks may occur. After consultation, the surgical team decided to go for 2-stroke surgery.

"First, surgery to remove the tumor on the front of the spinal cord and next to the spine, strengthen the spine; then open the peritoneumectomy," said Dr. Lien know.

 Dr. Lien and a surgical team removed a tumor for a child. Photo: Thai Ha.

Doctor Lien with tumor removal surgery team for pediatric patients. Photo: Thai Ha.

The tumor is very difficult to detect. In order to get to the front of the spinal cord, doctors had to remove the adjacent joints, cutting the entire tumor in front of the spinal cord and the spinal edge, leaving only the tumor behind the peritoneum.

Such surgery method will have unstable spine, so the patient usually has to fix the spinal screws. However, for children under 7 years old, the fasteners are a big challenge. Meanwhile, if left with a screw, the baby may become hunched, scoliosis in the future. The surgical team chose a screw brace and a lateral bone graft. wait for the bone to stabilize then remove the support screw in a short time.

After the first surgery a month, Uyen was able to walk and continued to be treated by the Doctor Urology, surgery to cut tumors after peritoneal and abdominal cavity After 2 surgeries, he recovered and walked normally.

Le Nga