Knights save people with drug shock

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Not in time to eat, Mr. Tan called his group and quickly hugged the ambulance kit bag and took the motorbike to the scene. In his first-aid kit, there are two indispensable items, injection equipment and Naloxone medicine to rescue drug shock.

Upon arrival, Mr. Tan saw a young man in his 30s. lying on the ground, breathing very slowly, drooling, pale skin, answering unanswered, injecting equipment, drug covers around ... Symptoms suggest this person is suffering from drug shock. Tan's teammates were there to support.

"Quickly inject Naloxone and call 115," Tan told his teammates. He used his hand to press his heart outside his chest repeatedly to give artificial respiration to drug-addicted youth. After 15 minutes, the patient showed signs of regaining consciousness.

"When I just started taking medicine, I suddenly felt my nose and eyes darkened, frightened and then lost consciousness. crowded people around him, "the young man said. Mr. Tan's group, after successful first aid, took this person to the emergency hospital to continue.

This is the 65th person who suffered from drug shock and was given first aid by Mr. Le Trung Tan and his team from 2018 to the present.

Mr. Jin trained to save drug users. Photo: Hoa Vu.

Mr. Tan is training in drug addiction training. Photo: Hoa Vu.

Mr. Tan's 4-level house is next to Doc Vong Gas Station in Phu Luong district, putting up the sign "Rescue 24/24". This is a place for members of Thanh Cong Club to specialize in helping drug users in the locality. The main leader is Mr. Tan, 53 years old, a man who claims to have "the ups and downs of a drug addict".

Mr. Tan started to be addicted in 1991 when Go digging for gold. That day, with a lot of gold, the 25-year-old went to the most majestic shopping car in the area. A few years later, raising more than 80 troops on the beach without digging gold, Mr. Tan had to sell all his cars and possessions and returned home empty handed.

He worked drove to a company in Hanoi, was found using drugs and suspended work. Many times when he was in and out of the detox center, he still could not stop using drugs, he went to Dak Lak to work as a barber, when driving a plowing machine, repairing motorbikes, bicycles, getting construction works. Here he meets the love of his life.

After getting married, thought that his family home helped him break with drugs, but Tan was once again misguided. entrance. He had to go to rehab center for 18 months when his wife was pregnant for 7 months. Her pregnant belly dived into the male school and then raised her young son alone. Many nights in the rehabilitation center, Mr. Tan blamed himself, determined to give up drugs to be reunited with his wife and children.

When the child was one year old, he went home. "I came back to hold my child but he did not follow me because I thought he was a stranger," said Mr. Tan.

 Mr. Tan with his wife and son. Photo: Hoa Vu.

Mr. Tan and his wife and son. Photo: Hoa Vu.

In 2013, Mr. Tan started taking methadone - an alternative medicine The drug detoxification, health gradually stabilized, and he became a monk. He supports the district health center in community activities, joins people in collecting needles and syringes at hot spots and approaches, advising addicts about the benefits of methadone.

In 2015, there were many drug-shocking people in the locality. After participating in shock training organized by the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives, he joined the trusted brothers and established a 6-member shock relief team. Knowing all the places where people are addicted, Tan and his group come to the place, leaving phone numbers and leaflets, sending them to the police of the hamlet, the commune, the village health station ... so that when a victim is shocked You can call me right away.

"The first time I went to be rescued, I was very nervous. I felt my pulse, I heard nothing I could hear, I told them they were dead. When the victim awoke, the whole group breathed a sigh of joy, "Mr. Tan said. Gradually, Tan's group gained a lot of experience in rescuing drug addicts, became more popular in the community.

Most members of Mr. Tan's club used to use drugs, also went through a lot of bitterness to find an honest life again.

Pham Hong Hai, a member of Thanh Cong - Phu Luong club, said that the day he came home from the camp, did not know what to do, he was at home.

" I met Mr. Tan, participating in community activities, helping other addicts to make me feel more useful ", Mr. Hai said.

Club Success includes 6 people involved in rescuing drug shock. Photo: Hoa Vu.

Success Club consists of 6 participants drug shock rescue. Photo: Hoa Vu.

Each successful time rescues an addict, source of shock Mr. Tan's group member is the handshake of the old mother, the tears of joy of his wife while her husband is still alive, the promise of a monastic to rebuild the lives of those who have just died. You have never recognized it as a feat and need to pay.

"My family and I used to suffer from drug abuse," Tan said. "Understanding that hardship is my motivation to help addicts."

Le Nga

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