Food remedies from melon fruit

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Melon tree is also known as ta sau, luffa, luffa, Mak bu bu hom (called by the Thai people), Ve hom (the Tay). This is a species of vines, angled body, pale green, with a long, fat rewinding, often split into three. The leaves are large, lice shaped triangular or lanceolate, with serrated edges, long, rough stems. Yellow flowers grow in the interstitial leaves, male flowers grow in clusters, female flowers grow individually. The fruit is cylindrical, at first soft, after aging, the skin and intestine become fibrous. Light black, flat, winged seeds. Light green melon fruit does not have the same aroma as the melon fruit. Luffa also has a large fruit with dark green skin.

Many parts of the melon are used as medicine. Herbalist Bui Dac Sang said melon fruit has a sweet taste, calmness, cooling effect, detoxification, except, diuretic, pepper sputum, cool blood, circulate blood vessels, increase milk secretion, and prevent from painful sores tonic gas, an pregnancy, treatment of irregular menstruation. Loofah fibrosis has anti-inflammatory, catheteric, diuretic, hemostatic, anti-arthralgia, myalgia, breast pain, mastitis, milk jet obstruction, edema. Leaves bitter melon, sour, slightly cold properties, anti-inflammatory, long expectorant, cough, whooping cough, headache, summer thirst. Bitter melon seeds have a vasoconstrictive, sputum-like, pine-covered, coughing, expectorant, roundworm, constipation effect. Luffa root, tendril roll, anti-inflammatory, rhinitis, sinusitis.

Food from the melon fruit

Fresh melon cooked with pig's hoof to treat less postpartum milk of the mother.

Luffa melon with dried seeds, powdered, drink 8 g once with alcohol to treat irregular menstrual periods, clogged milk rays.

Leaves crushed juice to cure cough, expectorant much.

Pickled roots soak to treat back pain, rhinitis, sinusitis, itchy water.

According to Herbalist Sang, melon has many uses but it should be noted in the treatment and support for treatment of some diseases, so the right dose, not too much or too little. People often have abdominal pain, weak spleen, physiological weakness , impotence, defecation, loose stool should not eat melon. Depending on the location, the healing effects of melon are also different.

Thuy Quynh

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