Food pulp blocks the intestines of girls

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The baby was taken to the Maternity Center, Phu Tho General Hospital on August 30, in a state of fatigue, abdominal distention, vomiting a lot of yellow green fluid. The family said the baby ate a lot of persimmons, and also ate fried bamboo shoots and figs. X-ray images showed that the baby had obstructed small intestine, intestinal loop, had emergency surgery.

When the surgery, the doctor found that the abdominal cavity of the child was more fluid, enlarged small intestine, 2x3 cm solid food residues that completely block the intestine. Above the clogged area there are many smaller sized food residues. The stomach also has 3x3 cm food particles.

The doctor must squeeze the food residue, bring it to the colon, open the stomach to remove the pulp, then Wash the abdomen.

 Two blocks of food waste are removed from the pediatric intestine. Photo: Viet Ha.

Two blocks of food waste are removed patients. Photo: Viet Ha.

Doctor Nguyen Duc Lan, Head of General Pediatric Surgery Department, gave If the bowel condition is not detected and surgery early, the risk of infection, intoxication, bowel necrosis and multi-organ failure can be easily detected. High-fiber, hard, plastic foods such as figs, persimmons, and bamboo shoots together form a block that clogs the baby's intestines.

On August 19, the hospital also receive a young man who has a bowel obstruction due to two large food particles.

Le Nga