Female student enrolling in hospital bed

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The patient was seriously injured when the passenger car collided with the truck, and was transferred to Military Central Hospital 108, Hanoi, on August 21. I suffered from multiple trauma, pelvic fractures, mortar horizontal fractures, right hip dislocations, two right leg fractures, femoral fractures ...

Dr. Nguyen Lam Binh, Deputy Head of the General Injury Department, Orthopedic Trauma Institute, said patients who had lost too much blood had to be transfused, receiving anti-shock transfusions. The surgical team treated broken bones and actively recovered patients.

In early September, representatives of Thang Long University went to the hospital to visit the female students. At the same time, she proceeds to apply for admission at the hospital's bedside. This is my first year in college.

X-ray shows patients with multiple femur fractures. Photo: An Ngoc.

X-ray film of patient with fractured femur many positions. Photo: An Ngoc.

7 days after emergency surgery, the patient continues to undergo surgery another for joint and pelvic joint, right mortar joint, reposition right hip and left femur with brace. I will have to undergo another surgery to treat the right femur fracture and remove the external fixation frame temporarily.

Currently, the patient is in good health, Exercise joint movement. She said that thanks to the school's help in completing the admission procedure, she was assured of treatment.

Le Nga

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