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Around 3 am, in the sick room of An Dinh Mental Hospital, Beijing, 86-year-old Ly Phung Anh patient took her last breath. The funeral store staff brought a shroud. Shortly thereafter, her body wrapped in this towel was transferred to the morgue of Jishuitan Hospital (Tich Thuy Dam).

In 2005, Ms. Ly Phung Anh was hospitalized with schizophrenia. This hospitalization lasts up to 14 years. She did not have the opportunity "to visit home." Until her death, she still had no chance to say her last goodbye to her daughter and husband. She did not know that her life and life were long abandoned by her family.

At An Dinh hospital, every time the patient fell into a dangerous situation, the shop Funeral will be contacted immediately. The patient must also sign a pledge to "refuse to be transferred, to accept any probable outcome".

The departure in isolation of Ms. Ly Phung Anh must be an isolated case. In the hospital ward, there are nearly 800 inpatients, 20% of whom are of high age and have long hospital stays. The longest time a patient stays in is more than 20 years. The majority of patients who have been in the hospital for a long time have not had a chance to go home, dying is the only way they can step out of the hospital.

For family of these patients, their departure is probably a relief.

The nurse is asking a mental patient. : Xinhua

The nurse is asking the patient mental. Photo: Purchase

Unlike other common illnesses, mental patients often make People want to alienate. According to data from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of mental patients in China has exceeded 100 million, of which people with schizophrenia have more than 6.4 million.

An Dinh Hospital is one of the specialized hospitals for treating mental illness in the capital, providing daily treatment for about 1,500 outpatients. Many patients who come here are in the mood that it is not easy to accept that they have neurological problems.

On July 14, a husband was clutching his wife, pulling her into the hospital outpatient ward. While he was registering for a medical examination, his wife quickly ran out of the room. He could only turn and chase after him, using all his strength to protect his wife from doing stupid things. The wife could not understand his actions, she sat down on the ground, screaming, crying ...

"Such scenes occur daily here", Dr. Khuong Dao - Dean of An Dinh Hospital said. I have been accustomed to this for a long time. Three days a week at the clinic, sitting across from him are patients with all sorts of mental illnesses. After diagnosis, eligible patients will be scheduled for treatment.

The mental hospital ward is a relatively closed area. For safety reasons, external windows can only open a few centimeters. From the hospital room to the outside world, less than 50 meters away but through two layers of doors. Health care workers carefully keep the key, anyone who comes in and out must lock the door.

In that world, one day begins and ends with a pill. . Some patients have to take 6 pills a day.

Doctors say that patients with mental disorders after being cured will have a stable mood, no harm society. Not all patients with mental disorders tend to be violent, estimated at only 10 to 20%.

According to Dr. Khuong Dao, rehabilitation for mental patients is not supported by everyone. Factors like family abandonment, social stigma ... make some patients stay in the hospital for the rest of their lives. Death, to them, was actually liberation.

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