Breast necrosis due to oral medication used to treat cancer

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Patient was admitted to Phu Tho General Hospital at the end of August in a state of general exhaustion, anemia, infection, intoxication due to ulcerative necrosis of breast tumor.

In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, the doctor advised surgery then treatment with radiation therapy. I disagree, going home to take herbal medicine according to the healer "the tumor breaks, pus comes out, then it can be cured."

The health is getting worse, the ulcer tumor necrotic, foul smelling, now I have just come to the hospital for treatment.

Dr. Tran Xuan Vinh, Head of Chemotherapy and Palliative Care Department, Oncology Center, says breast cancer is completely curable when detected early. This patient discovered cancer 2 years ago and had access to a scientific treatment method, the chances of cure are still very high.

"Unfortunately the patient has missed the opportunity to treat the disease, resorting to unorthodox methods that make the disease worse, "said Dr. Vinh.

Patients who come to the hospital at In the late stage, the tests showed very critical: hemoglobin only 3g / dl (normal people 12-13g / dl), leukocytes increased very high. After 10 days of intensive treatment, the patient's health improved, the infection was under control.

Doctors are in consultation to find the next treatment direction for sister, but the possibility is limited.

It is not uncommon for cancer patients to give up treatment for "herbal medicine" or practice. Late last month, K Hospital Hanoi received a 61-year-old patient with breast cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease two years ago but missed the opportunity to cure, practicing a cult that aspires to cancer. When the tumor is swollen to the size of a fist, metastatic, swollen sores can return to the hospital. Such cases are very unfortunate, according to the doctors.

Le Nga

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