9x beautiful as hotgirl after rhinoplasty

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The low nose, big nose, slightly upturned nose makes Vu Quynh Phuong always feel inferior in the face of people. She shared: "Whether going out or going to a party, I always have to make up the nose very carefully but it is not beautiful. Sometimes looking back and forth in the mirror is not satisfied, I'm bored at home always."

Changes after rhinoplasty.

Change after rhinoplasty.

Graduated from university, his parents invested Phuong to have a nose job. After arriving at the Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital, the doctor analyzed, the department had defects: the low nasal bridge, slightly distorted nasal bone, and the tip of the upturned nose needed a comprehensive restructuring.

Through examination, the doctor selected Nanoform rib cartilage augmentation combined with bone adjustment and nasal collapse. After a month, appearing with a new look, Quynh Phuong's wallet friends look no less hotgirl.

 Vu Thi Lan changed after rhinoplasty 4D structure

Vu Thi Lan changed her nose after the 4D structure.

Like Phuong, Vu Thi Lan - a Japanese student who proves the point of saying "want to be beautiful just by lifting your nose" that right. From the somewhat faded beauty, no highlight, the summer vacation to Vietnam made the nose structure 4D, she had an impressive "makeover".


Appearance Nguyen Do Ngoc Duyen after 1 month of rhinoplasty structure 4D.

Share about his rhinoplasty process, 9X said: "I don't think that changes so much, my face is different. it's only a little painful for the first 2 days, after removing the tube is normal ".

Nguyen Do Ngoc Duyen, born in 1998, possesses small facial features, but the low nose makes Duyen look old before her age. After raising her nose at Kangnam, she has a natural S-line shape, a lovely face.

Tran Thanh Lan Truc is radiant after 2 months of nose lift cartilage Nanoform

Tran Thanh Lan Truc is radiant after 2 months of raising the cartilage of Nanoform rib cartilage.

Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital doctor said that flat nose is a common defect of Asians, beautiful nose shape will beauty improvement. Currently, rhinoplasty is popular, when aesthetic at prestigious hospitals, doctors are highly specialized, rhinoplasty takes place gently, fast recovery time.

Le Nguyen

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