400 people living near Rang Dong warehouse have health check-ups

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Each clinic has about 200 people visiting it. The morning was too crowded so many people waited for the afternoon to come back to see the doctor.

Doctors of Green Po, Thanh Nhan and Ha Dong hospitals divide 4 groups of examination for people. Most people have medical examinations, in cases of necessity, doctors only appoint to the hospital to take blood and urine to test for mercury content. Because of this, some people complained about not having a blood test, while those who were assigned to the hospital for blood tests were worried.

"The doctor wrote me to the Green Po Hospital for blood tests but is it free or not, what is the health status", Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa in Ha Dinh ward, he was concerned.

Ms. Tran Nhi Ha, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Health, said 4 teams of doctors were working from 8 am to 9 pm every day at the clinic. Ward health consultant and free health examination for people living within a radius of 500 m from the fence of Rang Dong Company. Based on the symptoms of each person, the doctor will take the initiative in the examination items such as internal medicine, respiratory, eye, heart, lung ...

"In the event that it is necessary to take blood and urine for testing, the doctor will appoint the patient to the hospital and completely free the testing cost," Ms. Ha said.

The free examination and counseling program for people at 2 clinics until September 12. The Department of Health also requires the city's hospitals to arrange and provide sufficient machines, equipment, and manpower to test and treat patients when directed by a doctor.

 People come to Ha Dinh ward health clinic to check up, morning 6/9. Photo: The Quynh.

People come to Ha Dinh ward health clinic health, morning 6/9. Photo: The Quynh.

Ms. Ha said that the Department of Health will have instructions for people. live in risk areas and handle the environment. People directly involved in fire fighting, workers of Rang Dong Company are recommended to monitor their health and provide early health checks to detect risk factors.

Exam results will be updated by the Department of Health to compare the impact and recommendations of scientists, the World Health Organization (WHO) for later building standard procedures, serving troubleshooting.

Before that, more than 100 people went to Poison Control Center, Bach Mai Hospital to come for mercury examination and testing. Blood test result of 82 people with a mercury concentration of 10 mcg / l, other samples are being tested.

Doctor Nguyen Trung Nguyen, In charge Poison control center said there is no way to detoxify mercury at home. When diagnosed with mercury poisoning, patients must use the antidote at the hospital.

 People fill out health checks, check items designated by a doctor at a clinical examination. Photo: Thế Quỳnh.

People fill out medical examination forms, Examination item appointed by a physician during clinical examination. Photo: The Quynh.

The organization of examination for people in two wards took place more than a week later when the Rang Dong light bulb's storehouse, in Thanh Xuan district, southwest of Hanoi, caught fire. The fire spreads chemicals, including mercury, into the environment. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vo Tuan Nhan said the results of the environmental monitoring showed that the air in front and in the burning warehouse area has high mercury levels, 10-30 times higher than WHO recommendations.

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